Your Choice of linguine or rigatoni

Pasta Alla Buzzara

Adriatic classic tomato seafood-based sauce. With prawns and mussels topped with aged parmesan.

390 ฿


Served with crispy bacon and homemade garlic crostini

290 ฿

Merguez Lamb/Beef Meatballs Pasta

Served with our homemade Merguez Bolognese sauce and meatballs, aged parmesan and garlic crostini.

340 ฿

Burrata pesto pasta

Your choice of pasta tossed with our homemade pesto sauce, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts.Topped with a creamy burrata cheese and garlic crostini

340 ฿

Creamy salmon pasta

Salmon fillet, fresh cream, dill, spinach and cappers. Served with homemade garlic crostini.

420 ฿

Vegetarian pasta

Sautéed seasonal vegetables tossed with your choice of pasta. Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and topped with aged parmesan.

290 ฿